Forestry Mulching

How Forestry Mulching Helps You Get More Value From Your Land in Virginia

If you love trees on your lot but would rather not deal with the undergrowth typical of forests, forestry mulching in Virginia is a great solution, especially for partially wooded lots. At PMW Landworks, we provide a wide range of site preparation and land clearing services, preparing properties for a variety of residential and commercial uses. With undergrowth removal and the mulching process, the naturally complex plant growth inherent in forests can be restrained. What remains are beautiful trees, a great place to relax, and very limited maintenance. The forestry mulching process turns undergrowth into valuable mulch that covers the space in your wooded areas, with many other natural benefits. Our mulching equipment is also perfect for clearing overgrown land, maintaining a right of way, making quick work of storm damage to trees and bushes, and many more land-use improvements and maintenance.

Forestry Mulching Gives You Control Over Your Land Use

Powerful cutting and grinding equipment that performs the mulching process works quickly to clear overgrown land, preparing lots for development and providing brush mowing services, but it’s also versatile. For access road construction or maintaining a right of way, it can quickly clear a path through nearly any type of vegetation. When it’s time to put a field to work for farming or livestock raising, we can quickly eliminate overgrowth and restore former agricultural land for use once again. When it’s time to clear kudzu, Virginia creeper, or other species, invasive or not, this is an effective way to clear down to the ground for final removal treatments if desired. While land clearing using mulching methods and brush mowing provides you with more attractive, useful, and valuable property, it also can remove undesirable and poisonous plants as well as habitats for unwelcome reptiles and animals. When the work is done, the resulting natural, healthy land is a great addition to the local ecosystem and gives residents more places to enjoy without the inherent risks of overgrown plants.

forest with lots of thick undergrowth

This is a typical “Before” shot of forest property in Virginia. When we mulch all that undergrowth the soil will be enriched and the forest will be much more accessible.

forest that has been cleared of the crowded undergrowth

After clearing out all the dense undergrowth this forested area is beautiful and much more accessible for camping, walking, mountain biking, and all sorts of other outdoor activities.

forest that has been cleared of the crowded undergrowth

Another Virginia forest area cleared of crowded undergrowth. Mulching will rid an area of invasive plants like Kudzu, and poisonous ones like poison oak and poison ivy.

Mulching Repurposes Plant Life to Control Overgrowth and Manage Soil Quality

Forestry mulching methods redirect ground plant material to cover the soil, much as you use mulching material to keep weeds from appearing in your garden or landscaping. As undergrowth in a wooded area is returned as mulch, it covers the ground under the trees and keeps the plant life from taking over the space repeatedly, requiring active maintenance. Properly mulching also addresses soil pH problems, helping to provide remaining plant life including trees with better health. Mulching basically stabilizes both field and forest areas so they are more useful natural areas for homeowners, businesses, farms, and commercial properties nearby. Spot mulching is also helpful for cleanup after major storms, when winds and rain can down limbs and even whole trees, creating a labor-intensive cleanup situation if they were to be hauled away, but a nice supply of much when they’re processed on-site.

Creative Land and Woodland Management with Forestry Mulching

If overgrowth in your fields and rights of way or undergrowth in wooded areas that are now part of a development are keeping you busy, we have a solution. Our forestry mulching and brush mowing services make quick work of uncontrolled plant growth, especially of invasive species. Mulching and returning plant material for local uses saves removal costs and provides additional benefits. At PMW Landworks, we provide creative and precision land use solutions, from clearing and grading to site preparation and road construction. Call us today for land maintenance ideas and expert landworks services.